Double Eyelid Surgery

A common question I get asked is, what is the recovery time for eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty? Well, on average the great majority of my patients are back to normal activities within a week after surgery. However, the truth is that there is a significant amount of individual variability in terms of recovery. And really this can be thought about in 3 different ways.

I had lower lid blepharoplasty 3 days ago on 2-5-15……my eye shape looks totally different which now concerns me….my right eye seems tighter than my left and my left eye seems to have “chemosis”..I had to look that up because it looks like his eyeball is a 1/2 peeled onion and is always tearing……should I go back to ice compresses? our surgeon told us ice compress for 48 hours and then warm compresses´╗┐

I had mine a week ago and have the same concern. My right eye looked more cramped than the left and a bit of squint! It freaked me out.. I asked my surgeon and he assured that it’ll be OK as swelling subsides. But well, I’m still freaked out :|´╗┐