Full Incisional Double Eyelid (Blepharoplasty + Epicanthoplasty) 5 Months Update

The long awaited update on my full incisional blepharoplasty! It’s been approximately 5 months since the procedure and I’m really happy with the results so far! I hope they stay this size and don’t become any smaller.

Are those her real lashes cause they look amazing…how does she get them like that?

hi what was the price?

It looks really good. You should try contact lenses from solotica if you like to wear contact lenses as they are by far the most natural looking contact lenses i’ve ever seen

I’ve been thinking about eyelid surgery for a very long time. I have very heavy monolids and as i am getting older my lids seem to droop down more. Yours look great and natural. How did you save up for it?

ow, glad to be born with double eyelids

listen im not trying to start anything but honestly why are you watching double eyelid surgery videos if you already have them?

ever heard of being curious? i could be watching reacting videos and end up watching something else.