Upper Eyelid Surgery Explained – Dr. Michael Bogdan

An upper blepharoplasty is a simple operation that can make a major change in your appearance the blepharoplasty can address excess upper eyelid skin that creates a hooding or tired appearance the upper lid and can also remove any excess muscle or fat that can lead to bulges in the upper lid.

One thing that a buffer plastic does not address is eyebrow position so if you have droopy eyebrows or asymmetric eyebrows a brow lift would be necessary to address these I’d like to show you a few of my patients to go over these issues first.

This is a young woman who has some moderate excess skin along her upper eyelids that creates a droopy appearance if we zoom in a little bit closer you can see the skin along here hides her lash margin in the upper lid itself to surgically address this a blepharoplasty is performed by making an incision across the lower aspect of the upper eyelid and then one slightly higher that allows us to remove excess lid skin.

The muscles and fat are addressed and then the skin is sewn together which results in the scar that’s hidden directly in her upper eyelid crease so you can’t see it and this simple operation gives a pretty dramatic change in her appearance.

When you compare the before to after pictures you can see more of her upper eyelid skin along the lash margin itself and her eyes just appear more awake this next patient also has excess skin along her upper eyelids.

In addition she has barrel hide asymmetries where her right eyebrow is lower than the left and this would not be corrected by a blepharoplasty to look closely at her I you can see that she does have some excess skin which is creating a full appearance and surgically.

To address this we would make an incision across the lower aspect for upper eyelid and then across the upper the extra skin is removed any muscle or fat work would be performed and then they’re sewn together which leaves a scar directly along her lid crease and when you compare her before and after pictures looking her eyes you can see that there’s a pretty dramatic difference even with that small aspect of the operation.

Now we did not perform a brow lift operation so the brow asymmetry is still remained and her right eye looks a little bit more tired than the left but the primary reason we were performing her surgery was for rhinoplasty and you can see it from the before to after the change in shape of her nose she is giving consideration to brown lip surgery sometime in the future.

This last patient has pretty severe excess upper eyelid skin which creates a hooding effect it makes you look very tired to surgically address this again we make an incision across the lower aspect of the upper eyelid and then across the upper aspect that allow us to remove the extra skin the muscles and fat or then addressed and the skin incisions are then closed together this results in a scar that hides directly in the lid crease of her eyelid and you can see a pretty significant change in her appearance when you compare the before to the after pictures just by this simple operation.

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