What is the recovery after blepharoplasty/ eyelid surgery? The truth revealed…

Dr. De Silva answers frequently asked questions.
What is the recovery after blepharoplasty/ eyelid surgery? The truth revealed…

Dr. Julian De Silva is a Facial Cosmetic and Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgeon in London.
Dr. De Silva performs cosmetic procedures on the face only, including eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty), face and neck lift surgery (Rhytidectomy).

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Transcript of What is the recovery after blepharoplasty- eyelid surgery- The truth revealed

A common question I get asked is, what is the recovery time for eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty? Well, on average the great majority of my patients are back to normal activities within a week after surgery. However, the truth is that there is a significant amount of individual variability in terms of recovery. And really this can be thought about in 3 different ways. And firstly what do we actually mean by recovery, because different parts of the eyelids recover at different time points. Secondly, what are the individual factors that influence recovery? And finally what can you do to speed up the recovery process? So we take the first of those elements. So what do we mean by recovery? Well, common things such as bruising and swelling, well 80% to 90% of the bruising and swelling will have disappeared in the first week. And when we’re looking at upper eyelid surgery and upper blepharoplasty, the majority of patients can go back to social activities, and professional activities within a 1 week time point. However, with lower eyelid surgery, the recovery is slightly slower, and 80% to 90% will go in the first week. A further 80 to 90% will go the second week. The majority of patients can really go back to their normal activities within a 2 week period. At that point, most of the swelling will have gone. Most of the bruising will have gone. With bruising, there are certain parts of the eyelids that are particularly prone to bruising. Just below the lower eyelids is the thinnest skin in the entire human body. And a bruise here which can happen about 10% to 20% of the time, a bruise here can really last for a 6 week period. It can be covered with makeup after a 1 week period. In terms of swelling, well the great majority of swelling resolves in the first couple of weeks. However on occasion, particularly with the lower eyelids, there can be more persistent swelling, and that can last for several weeks. And usually that can be a pre-existing condition that maybe causing this, but sometimes it could just happen. In terms of pain, well the great majority of patients have very minimal pain after eyelid surgery. The majority of my patients, and more than half of my patients do not take any analgesics after surgery. However, if you do have some discomforts, and ache, that would usually resolve within a 48 period of time, 48 hour period. It’d be unusual to need any analgesia after that. In terms of dryness, well most patients don’t have so much dryness after eyelid surgery. But occasionally, particularly if you’re prone to dry eyes, having eyelid surgery, having swelling can increase the feeling of dryness. Usually that will last for just a few weeks and taking tear lubricants will help with that. And ultimately it’s also the surgical technique that is used, and a conservative approach that preserves the eyelid tissues, and the muscle beneath the eyelid skin. Usually it preserves your blinking, and really limits the amount of dryness that you have. In terms of activities, well in terms of reading, in terms of using the internet, watching television, really you can do these after several days after surgery. However, in terms of lifting things, more strenuous activity, it’s very important for the first week to 2 weeks to take things very easy. Anything that could potentially increase your blood pressure should be avoided completely. And this is because if your blood pressure is going up and down, you’ll have a tendency to get more bruising and swelling, which will delay your healing. In terms of your vision, well your vision should be pretty good even after the surgery, day 1. And this is because the surgery is only on the eyelid. It’s not actually on your eyes. And it’s fair to say that sometimes you can have some bruising and swelling, and putting in the eye drops can also blur the vision. But still you’ll be able to see clearly and functioning and be able to read and watch television, and do those normal activities. In terms of exercises, well in terms of returning to exercise, it does depend on the type of surgery you’ve had.

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  2. I had lower lid blepharoplasty 3 days ago on 2-5-15……my eye shape looks totally different which now concerns me….my right eye seems tighter than my left and my left eye seems to have "chemosis"..I had to look that up because it looks like his eyeball is a 1/2 peeled onion and is always tearing……should I go back to ice compresses?┬á our surgeon told us ice compress for 48 hours and then warm compresses´╗┐

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